The name "Murale" came from the trio of us who originally started this: our cousin

Murry - the "Mur" and us; Anthony - the "a" and Le Man - the "le".  We came together,

unsure of what we're doing but excited and on a mission to create beautiful photographs.


But of course, our story begins long ago before this: the boys practicing their photography

as a hobby for years that ultimately led to this journey and Le Man with a background

in Interior Design that over time, has developed into a love for editing and styling.

For Anthony and I, this hobby became more meaningful with the arrival of

our three children.  


As you can imagine, time throttles at full speed with three kids and all that we

could do was capture the moments through pictures.  And with the birth of

Murale Photography, we were given another gift, being able to give other

families these moments too.  We are strangers when we meet, but for those

short moments, we connect as parents striving to put meaning to

our children's childhood.


Murry has since moved on to bigger and better things but will still pop by once

in a while when needed.  And for us, we feel like the journey is just beginning.